The Last Time

This is a series of photographs taken the last time I visited my grandmother at her home. These were taken in 2009; she died eight months later at 93. She lived at home until the last few weeks of her life. Although at this point she was relatively healthy and had most of her faculties about her, I think I knew inherently that this would be the last time I'd see her in her own habitat. She was an interesting character.

I spent one afternoon photographing the interactions between my parents, cousin and uncle, then photographed the house. My sister was not there on that trip, and I remember it being very melancholy. The whole house had an air of melancholy.

The house, built by my grandfather, has since been ransacked, renovated and sold. It no longer looks like this. The people in the photos are my mom, my dad (glasses), my uncle (hat) and my cousin Jimmy.