Cabinet of Curiosities

A friend of mine works at the Palmer Art Museum. A few nights ago, she invited people over to participate in an art party where we had sort of a potluck thing going on - we brought items that might look good in a Cabinet of Curiosities.

Dana was very generous and gave me a lovely hanging display box and a box of slides from a defunct science lab. Another lady brought in ceramic pieces she had made over the years in her assemblage works, and another lady brought in bug specimens. I incorporated all of those things, as well as a piece of barbed wire and a few odds and ends, in my cabinet.

I took a collage class in 2007 with Kenneth Graves, and while that experience wasn't ideal, I did learn a lot and took away many new ideas. This was the first assemblage piece I've created in 3D since then - usually I work in 2D in my collages  - and I really like how it came out.


I brought along a little cigar box, and with some of the leftover materials, I turned it into a little diorama of a 1940s sailor landing on a desert island. I think it mostly came from me watching a whole lot of "Gilligan's Island" all week. I always had a thing for the Professor. (RIP, Russell!) It's by no means completely finished, but I like it and I love the little sailor man. I might put in some tan fabric to suggest sand, so it doesn't say "CHELSEA ARMS" on the bottom. Although who knows? Maybe Sailor Man liked a good stogie. I wonder where the hell those cigar boxes I got a few years ago got to. Looks like I have a closet excavation coming up.