Saturday was one of the busiest days I've had in a while: back-to-back photo shoots of a graduation gathering at the Nittany Lion Inn, and then to a prom shoot out in Spring Mills. Both were jam packed.

The graduation shoot was a chaotic joy: my pal Kayleigh's enormous family came up and everyone wanted photos with her. They were really nice people. Unfortunately, the hotel is quite dark inside, so we quickly did a bunch of photos in the courtyard in between drizzle spells. 

After that, I got whisked out to Spring Mills to shoot a prom for a local Catholic academy. The photos were taken at this enormous estate near Egg Hill - a place I always assumed was a hotel or something, but was actually someone's home. Things were pretty chaotic with the sheer number of parents getting pictures, so I ended up snapping photos of everyone just being themselves. There was a very cute roly-poly cat named Lyle, as well, but I did not get a photo of him.

All in all, an interesting day.