Abby and Laura

A few weeks ago, I was supposed to meet with my friend Laura at a local coffee shop. On my way there, I ran into another friend, Abby, who I worked tech with for a play. I invited her along. We ended up doing a really fun photo shoot in town! 

These two girls had never met before in their lives. They're about the same age, but they are worlds apart in personalities. You can see the tentativeness in the first few photos, but the ice was broken quickly and they got along great. In fact, after I left, they ended up going shopping together.

The first photos were taken in the courtyard behind Steidle Building on campus, which is a strange little cloister. Some were taken in Willard Building because of the natural light, and some were taken next to Carnegie across the street. The last shot is on the Magic Bench in front of Old Main, which is a whispering gallery. If you sit on one end and talk into the wall, a person on the other end of the bench can hear you as if you're sitting right next to them. It's trippy.