Father's Day Commission.

My friend Amanda commissioned two drawings from me for Father's Day: one of her and her fella dancing, and one of her baby. 

I'm not going to lie, it's been the week from hell, and between designing the SCCT posters, getting ready for this weekend's paintout/craft show, photo editing, and arranging commissions by deadlines, I've been swamped. It's a good kind of swamped. The kind of swamped I'm grateful for, certainly....but time organization's never been my strong point.

So I finally got to Amanda's drawing yesterday, and I thought I'd post where I'm at so far. You can see my process a little - for portraits I often lay out the groundwork on a light table to get it done faster and more accurately, then eyeball and fill in the details. These will both be worked in graphite, and maybe touches of charcoal if I'm feeling plucky. 

I should have this finished tonight, and then I will finish up her baby photo. That one will be a little more challenging, as there isn't much to go on in the contrast realm, but I think I can work it out nicely. It will be a sweet Father's Day present for some very nice people.