Noises Off!

Huge challenge for me this week: make a poster for a play I've never seen, and for which there are few videos that explain what it is.

This play was Noises Off, and I admit I have no clue what it's about, other then being a play within a play. I'll be helping the scenic designer next week with the stage setup, but in the meantime I had to get the advertising out.

Someone mentioned that the play involves a plate of sardines and a telephone, so that's the graphic I went for. I saw old posters for the play, and almost all of them involve a tin of sardines and a red stage curtain. I decided to play it safe and use the sardines, but instead of the curtains, use a striking minimalist image. 

This is what I came up with: 

I did a few photos in this vein, but this one was my favorite image. Can you believe I shot it on a piece of drawing paper on the back porch with my iPhone? It's true.

God, the sardines stunk. And were messy. But King Oscar for the win! They had the plainest tin and the fish looked very picturesque. I don't recommend BumbleBee sardines - they were pretty mashy by the time I opened the tin, and the sticker covered the opening. Oscar saved the day by having the nicest tin. I was hoping for Cento, but there was only anchovies at Weis.

Anyway, this didn't work in this orientation. The guy insisted that a horizontal poster wasn't going to work. So...I hemmed and hawed over it - I didn't want to reshoot the image, and the alternatives weren't as strong. I ended up flipping the image counterclockwise 90 degrees and used it this way:

I used my friend Josh's font, Bauer House, and placed some fake stickers on the tin. It came out alright. I would have preferred to have used it horizontally, but whatever. I reoriented it for the corresponding Facebook graphics.