Teeple Family

Last Thanksgiving, I started a series of photos of my family at home, doing normal things wearing a Guy Fawkes mask. My mom is a huge fan of V For Vendetta and my dad bought her a Guy Fawkes mask for her birthday. It currently sits on her bookshelf in the study, right next to a photo of me and my sister as young children. Perfect. 

I shoot the images with my iPhone using Hipstamatic. I love the eerieness this filter brings - sort of a half old, half new nightmarish quality. I decided I wanted the pictures to look almost Victorian in their semi-formal staging. My parents' house was built in the late 1890s, so I feel it lends itself well for a backdrop, with its high ceilings, claustrophobic walls, and small windows.

These are some shots I took of my father out in the garden this morning.