Andrew is my favourite model and a completely magical human being. After we met doing the Bye Bye Birdie poster shoot, I'd really wanted to work with him again, doing a more artistic approach. As a portrait photographer, I find his face fascinating - he's like a chameleon. He can either look incredibly intense, incredibly benign, or completely otherworldly. His wraith-like figure lent itself well into blending into the foliage surrounding the cabin.

Andrew agreed to model for me for a series of stills intended for our horror film, "The Hunter." We stopped off at Weis for something very important: a pair of black pantyhose to stick on his head. After that, we drove to my parents' to pick up some provisions, then went on a Penns Valley adventure out near Woodward.

God bless him, he helped me haul all of our horror film props on foot a whole half mile uphill to the location, when we discovered the lane to the cabin was gated off.  We then proceeded to take a series of creepy photos in the dwindling light. I loved how he melded into the foliage like a woodland phantom. He was delightful to photograph.

"I don't want to leave," he kept saying over and over. "I don't want to have to go to work. I want to stay here."

Indeed, the area is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. The cabin was situated by a little bubbly creek; the woods rustled in the wind. The afternoon waned away quite magically, and a beautiful mist gathered around the cabin as the sun began to set. After debating the practicality of being alone without proper shelter with a panther mucking about, we decided to leave. But first we smoked a cigarette and enjoyed the mystery of nature for a little while before reluctantly walking back toward unfriendly civilization. 

I love this series of photos - they capture something very eerie and ephemeral about that strange afternoon. Adventures with Andrew are always so fun and entertaining, and he's one of those rare birds who loves to just go with the flow and see what happens. For someone who enjoys those fleeting moments myself, it's always a joy to be in his presence.