A Christmas Carol

I teched the State College Community Theatre's production of A Christmas Carol in early December, directed by Bruce Fleischer. It was a lot of fun. The production was done at Bellefonte High School as part of the town's "Victorian Christmas" festival, which has been going on for years. It was a fun tie-in with a very cheerful sweet group of people. I will say, this version of "A Christmas Carol" is a bit odd because it's supposed to be about Dickens spontaneously coming up with the story while play-acting with his family. If you only knew the lewd things Crystal was doing with the prop chicken....ah, but that's another story.

Because everyone was dressed in 1850s clothing for the play, I thought it would be fun to do tintype style portraits of the cast. The results were amusing and in some ways, quite striking. I would love to explore the idea of doing modern tintypes with models dressing up in other period-era clothing. Maybe this time without the mics strapped to their faces, hahaha!

The cast/crew present to Bruce was a copy of the cast photo, blown up to an 8x10.