Christmas With Rhiannon and Bunny

My friend Rhiannon has a tradition of insane Christmas cards, and this year may have topped them all. She asked if she could bring over her cat, Bunny, and do an Olan Mills-style portrait of a cat head floating above her head. 

She showed up in a crazy red sequinned sweater and her hair teased into a permlike fro with a Conair wand, looking like every suburban mom circa 1987.  She toted Bunny up to my apartment in her little carrier.

At first the kitty was a bit afraid to come out, so she hid in my bathroom behind the toilet for about a half hour while Rhiannon applied makeup. We played Mastermind for a while (Rhiannon won all the games) and then we tacked up a giant black bedsheet to my porch door behind the Christmas tree. Bunny is a very large and very grouchy-looking cat when she's not excited about something, so it was difficult to get that real Olan Mills ghost profile. 

The end result was this:

Rhiannon is a great sport and model! We ended up doing quite a bit of other photographs. I made some mediocre hot chocolate and we ate a bunch of tortilla chips and salsa and talked about Sleep No More, ghosts, and boys. Always a treat! Enjoy the rest of the photos: