Laura and Jon

Our resident English eccentric is a gentleman named Jon, affectionately called "JVJ" by the community. Jon's had quite a bizarre and colourful life, having survived the Blitz, worked as an actor in Pathé films, and as a model in the swinging 60s. He's in his late 70s now and regularly dons a cape and tells stories about castles. He's a delight, once you get past the good natured ribbing.  He's wackadoodle in the best way.

I met Jon this summer when I was working on sets. He's a slight, muscular man with a grey moustache and mocking eyes. I knew I'd made a friend when he made this glowing assessment of me:

"Yeah, you're alright, Alice. You aren't silly."

Jon loves to direct photo shoots, so I was happy to let him take the reins and contribute ideas to a goofy afternoon picture session with my friend Laura, another resident eccentric in her own right. Laura also knew Jon from town (how could one miss a man who loves flowing scarves and Wiccan jewellery?), and she had his wife for a journalism teacher in high school.

The result was a hilarious and strange combination of faces, feathers, fabrics and fun. Both Jon and Laura have funny ideas for things, and we worked well as a team just having a good time and laughing our asses off. We shot this series near the duck pond on the PSU campus, listening to Jon shout "Awww niiiiice! Can you get a bit more claw in there, then? That's a good girl!"