Danielle and Laura

It's late January and freezing outside, but there is a ton of snow on the ground and today we had a rare bright sunny day.  I threw caution to the wind and posted a status on Facebook that just said "Who wants to do a photo shoot with me? I'm bored. Meet me at the Corner Room at 2:00."

Danielle and Laura happened to have some time this afternoon, so I ended up photographing them. As luck would have it, neither of them had ever met each other, and both showed up wearing these incredible fake fur coats. Laura had borrowed her sister's wolf hat, Danielle had on spectacular 90s goth lipstick, and I brought up my Sleep No More mask. We went on campus and shot all of these between Pugh and Fraser Street.  

The top of the parking garage had a ton of amazing snow drifts, and against the blue sky it looked like the girls were in some kind of Jack London world.