Back To Nature

I'm currently at a crossroads both in life and in art. New York isn't cutting it for me. It's fun and all, but I'm reaching my breaking point there and am ready to move on to somewhere else. I haven't figured out what that step is yet.

New York is its own entity. When people joke about New York being "another character" on TV shows and movies, it's really not far from the truth. Each city has a personality. Chicago has a vibe. Madrid has a vibe. Philadelphia is pretty much a portal into the bowels of hell. New York is a living, breathing mass, comprised of people, energies and a constant churn. 

I am ready to hop out of that blender and see what else is out there. I'd like to visit Europe for a spell. I have little interest in the rest of the United States, except a vague curiosity in seeing the Plains, Yosemite and Joshua Tree. I really have no ties to anywhere else in the United States; all my people stuck to the East Coast and Canada. But Europe has been calling me for years. I'd like to jump backwards in time. I don't care where I go at this point, just out of Flatbush.

I do know without a doubt now that I'm meant to be in nature. I sprung out of it, and someday back to it I shall go, sprinkled as ashes. I'm happiest running through fields in my wellies and dwelling close to the earth. WHERE do I do that? Who the fuck knows? 

In the meantime, I've spent the past week shooting portraits in my home village. Recently some events have come to light that changed my entire perception of my childhood and the people surrounding it in the periphery. It was a terrible shock, but my friend and I decided we would much rather explore the resulting emotions through artwork. 

Last night Nina and I went over to her parents' place and shot a series of short films and photographs. Although it was a fun time, both of us certainly drew on the intensity we both had discussed several weeks ago, and the results were chilling.

We are planning a gallery show in the near future; more to come when that is revealed. We work very well together as a creative team, and the portraits I shot of her last night are wonderful. Here is a smattering of them.