Yesterday I felt divinely inspired to rip a curtain off my wall and stuff some masks in a bag and walk up to the pouring rain. The clouds yesterday were amazing, and after a few days of complete isolation and despair, a little rain didn't seem so bad.

I shot a few photos wearing the feather mask I'd created a few months back. It's still one of my favourite things to shoot with, just because it looks so bizarre on camera. I definitely want to make another one, maybe with a different surface. Fur would be interesting.

My friend Melanie came by later to drop off a lens cap, and she decided to stick around and play hooky from work. I asked if she felt like modeling for me, given that selfies weren't going to convey the drama I was hoping for, and she said sure. 

Melanie is about five feet tall on a good day, and I thought it would be fun to use her petite frame. There's a manmade cave on the grounds that has a little bench, so I had her climb on that and gave her the directions to "look feral."

Later I had her wrap herself in the curtain and put on the feather mask. I wanted her to look frightening - Melanie in real life is quite pixie-like and cheerful - and the clouds behind her really did the trick. I edited in Mextures.

I also had her flap the cloth around her body while I shot from the ground up, which got some interesting results.

After this we ran off and got milkshakes and had a lovely afternoon sitting in the grass chatting. It's funny to think about how much fun I have on shoots, and then compare them to the bleak imagery I seem to keep producing. It seems to be a funny balance - often the "happiest" photos I take, weddings for instance, are when I am at my emotional lowest. I'm either exhausted or feeling a bit poorly or lonely, and they're supposed to serve as memory keepers for people's joy. It's a bit unfair, but there you have it. I've decided I never want to do weddings again, however. I say this all the time, and the money is great, but it's too touchy a situation for me to really want to stick my neck out in ever again. Unless you want wedding pictures that involve some sort of aboriginal theatrics, I politely decline.