Lesley Barth

My friend Lesley is a very talented indie singer-songwriter, who happened to have a free day off yesterday afternoon. We threw caution to the wind and trekked out to Far Rockaway, a beach neither of us had visited before. What a beautiful place. It's just breathtaking. The view is so much nicer than Brighton Beach, and it's really relaxed. 

I told her to bring some funny props so she hauled along a mirror, a cute little two piece suit that looked a bit "Mary Ann from Gilligan's Island," a Stevie Nicks style floppy hat, a bright pink umbrella and a wooden mannequin. I brought my flatmate's Halloween dress, some flower crowns and the (now quite filthy) curtain material.

Lesley was such a great sport! She hopped right on into the ocean, twirled around, leapt in the air and stoically held a mirror toward the great beyond. We had loads of fun on this shoot, despite the Atlantic trying to swallow my backpack. Afterwards we chilled on the beach and chatted about the creative process. Some strange gentlemen came by and asked what we had been doing. Apparently they were betting wagers on whether or not it was an overly-artistic Etsy shoot, or an art class project. "Follow us on Instagram" is now the "call me maybe." They were pretty amusing. 

Anyway, here are some of my favourites from the shoot yesterday. We definitely want to do another soon! Check out Lesley's music here