Trashing The Dress

My friend Heather messaged me a few weeks ago asking if I would like to do a session with her trashing her wedding dress on her fifth anniversary. Heather's had quite an intense five years since she last wore it: she has given birth to three children, two of them twins, and has found herself in the role of stay at home mother.

She's got a great sense of humour, and thought it would be fun to run around our friends' farm in a $1200 gown demonstrating a life that has now grown to incorporate forever doing tons of laundry and always being interrupted in the bathroom. On top of that, she also wanted to set a healthy, fun example for her children, and thought it would be fun to do some yoga poses in the dress as well. What a legacy!

Heather came up with many of the concepts in this shoot and the whole process was a delight from start to finish. Her family is incredibly sweet - a wonderful testament to her hard work and devotion. We had a blast. I discovered the "Trash the Dress" concept can be a wonderfully cathartic experience, for better or worse. If anyone ever wants to hire me for one of those shoots, I am ALL IN.