At the moment I'm in Philadelphia. I decided to do some street shots here yesterday when I was waiting for my phone to get fixed. This city makes me very uncomfortable. There's a weird force hovering over the place, one that perpetually makes me feel as if I'm trouble or doing something incorrectly. This anxiety causes me to do some dumb things: for instance, accidentally putting my cousin's $90 SEPTA Transpass in the cash slot. The front of the bus erupted in laughter and a very sweet lady said "Honey, don't worry, you need a few bucks to get home?" Currently trying to reach some mystery lady named "Jackie" to retrieve it.

I found the Old Pine Church by accident when the bus got re-routed. It's got a terrific churchyard that is stuffed to the gills with Revolutionary War soldiers, old tombstones from the 1700s, and a lovely vine-covered wall with old toppled tombstones embedded in it. That was a pleasant sojourn yesterday afternoon.

I don't know if it's the unfamiliarity of the city or the vibe, but the first word I associate with Philadelphia is "judgement." Where New Yorkers have seen it all and don't give a shit about anything and basically let people wave their freak flags pretty freely, Philly is in right your face asking "what the fuck you think you're doing?" For a city of Brotherly Love, I'm quite certain I've seen more street fights in 24 hours than I did in a year living in East Flatbush. I'd say the second word I associate with this city is "screaming."

I have deep roots in this city, my family has been here like 300 years or something, but I feel completely alien. Which city is angrier: Philadelphia or Boston? Philly does win when it comes to food. That said, let's settle the Wawa v. Sheetz controversy. The winner is unequivocally Wawa!

I do have a small bucket list before splitting from the city. I want to revisit the Mutter, and the Art Museum. I haven't been to either in years. I want to say hi to the Soap Lady. I thought about the Zoo, which I haven't seen since I was 5, but I'm not feeling that so much.

I'll be here for a little while and have some plans to visit Worcester MA and a friend up in Danvers.