Just Like Summer

For the past fortnight I've been working with singer-songwriter Lesley Barth on a music video for her single "Just Like Summer." It's been a lovely experience! We shot everything over two days in Central Park with a cast of random strangers who happened to be passing by us. The beautiful thing about Central Park is that EVERYONE shows up there, regardless of class, race, gender, orientation or sometimes even home planet. 

The song is a disco tune, so naturally we looked to Xanadu for inspiration, and strangely, we suspect the ghost of Prince gave us exactly that. So many delightful surprises happened when we were open to taping whatever came across our path, and the result is a cast of colourful, diverse, and happy characters that are a joy to watch. It's been a real pleasure editing this video.

I am very grateful to Lesley and Chuck for their kind hospitality and a futon to crash on intermittently as I couch surf and network across Gotham. I love making music videos, and during this process I've gotten to sit in on a recording session at Mission Sound, dance like a Robert Palmer girl, and harness the power of Party City disco ball earrings. 

We can't wait to release the video! But for now, here is a still from the shoot.