Ever say to yourself, "hell with it, I'm gonna go to Massachusetts?" I did! Upon the advice of my friend Andi, I treated myself to a week at the Barred Owl Retreat in Leicester, a few miles outside of Worcester. The Barred Owl is a blessed respite from city life, a bucolic wonderland of woods, picturesque lake, and loads of animals. It's a charming place for poets, writers, and artists to spend time away from overstimulation of the city and to enjoy peace and quiet.

The house has a crazy history, but I'll let Jess tell you about it. The lodging is in the former servants quarters and it's quaint and old fashioned - it reminded me quite a bit of my grandparents' spare room, actually. 

I took some photos on the grounds, which were picked up by Faerie Magazine last week. I'm so pleased people enjoyed the view as much as I did. Highly recommended sanity restorer.