The other evening I got a message from a guy at Upright Citizens Brigade asking to do a portrait session. I'd seen him perform at Cage Match before and we had talked a couple of times in messages, but we hadn't met in person. Within five minutes of meeting, both of us produced crystals and stone totem animals from our pockets. Definitely from the same energy sphere.

Riley's got a remarkable life story, a Bowielike presence, and a peculiar sense of humour, which makes him stand out well in the often-cookie cutter NYC comedy scene. You can see him on the Chris Gethard Show as his character "Vacation Jason," and you can follow his "Dairy Affirmations," which may or may not be a cult revolving around dairy products. I'm not at liberty to divulge (it is). 

We decided to take some unusual experimental portraits to reflect his personality, appearance and interests, highlight the little things that are important to him, and to have some fun with it. We had a blast roaming the park. At one point we scaled a high rock by a gazebo. He nearly put his hand in a pile of dirt for one portrait, flinched, and said "Uh...I'm about 99% sure these are freshly-dumped human ashes."

Former human or not, they ended up in the final portrait!