Eastern State Penitentiary

Last month I decided to pop WAY out of my comfort zone and visit the Eastern State Penitentiary, a former prison in Philadelphia. I have a difficult time visiting places like battlefields and prison sites, I pick up on energy there and don't do too great. But I also don't like backing down from challenges, so if I was gonna go somewhere haunted and terrifying, why not one of the worst prisons ever known to America?

My intuition did not let me down. Boy howdy, is that place creepy as hell. Peeking inside each abandoned cell, wondering who lived and died in them, what brought them there, and how they felt about being caged - all those thoughts raced through my head on top of it. My great-great grandparents were wardens in the late 1800s in nearby prisons, and I wondered what sort of people THEY were to work in a hell similar to Eastern State. 

The cells and bars and usual prison sights were overwhelming enough, but the objects that struck me the most were mops stuck in a stand. I wondered what fluids those mops cleaned. Blood. Semen. Waste. Urine. Any and all, no doubt. The whole experience chilled me to the bone. The least frightening aspect of it was Al Capone's cell, which only confirmed to me that Al and I had similar decorating tastes.

Anyway, won't be going back to that place anytime soon, at least alone. But I did find it fascinating nonetheless, and it's incredibly picturesque. I could see why Twelve Monkeys was filmed there. Here are some photos.