Back To New York

It's looking more and more like I'll be moving back to NYC as soon as I have a few more bucks in my pocket and more work lined up. I got called back to the city this past week and since then everything has completely snowballed. Portraits galore, random opportunities, saying yes to a bunch of shit. I'm going balls out whilst I can, and in doing so have been having a terrific time.

The other night my friend Toni and I went to the Joey Ramone Birthday Bash at Webster Hall. It was a packed basement venue full of old CBGB's stalwarts, a very sweet actor who played Joey Ramone in some HBO movie, the ladies who invented Manic Panic, the lead singer of The Dictators, and even Bob Gruen (the photographer who shot the John Lennon NYC shirt photo). In a strange turn of events, Joey Ramone's brother smashed my toe when he accidentally stomped on it, which is about as New York a story as it gets. I shot a theatre gala in Park Slope this evening, and did two portrait sessions in Central Park and the Cloisters the past couple of days with two delightful women. All in all, I'm where I need to be, whatever that means, and I'm incredibly grateful and happy to be working and meeting such wonderful people.  It's the experience I wish I'd gotten last year. I'm in a different mind space now, and am looking forward to seeing what comes next. 

In other news, thanks to some incredible luck, my once-dead laptop has been fully resurrected due to the fact it happened to be the exact model that was recalled for logic board replacement by Apple. It is now working brilliantly and I am incredibly happy to have ol' Lazarus back in my midst. My friend Christie told me about the recall, and now I am able to do my work in peace without having to edit everything on my phone. This also means more video work potential. Right now I'm very very happy with how all this turned out. 

And now to make more work! xx