My friend Christie introduced me to Katie, an actress living in Queens. We decided to meet up for a photo shoot this week. As soon as this chick showed up at Columbus Circle clad in a long bohemian maxi dress and Stevie Nicks hat and shawl, I knew we were gonna be buddies. The whole afternoon was a delightful stroll around Central Park and Roosevelt Island, mostly talking about theatre and the metaphysical.

At some point we discovered someone had left a strange witches circle along the shore of the rowboat lake, so we decided to incorporate it into the photographs. I happened to have a corn dolly in my bag, as one is wont to do I suppose, so we used it as a prop. I love the idea of pagan ritual being practiced in a modern city like New York. It's been cropping up quite a bit lately. Two days after I watched "The Wicker Man" (the original one, not the crap one) my friend and I came across a Beltane maypole in the middle of Prospect Park. I am looking at various ways people I know perform ritual, or incorporate it into their lives. It's quite fascinating how people's intuition bring them to do very similar things to keep their focus.

Katie's accessories were also glorious: vintage Bakelite bangles; old costume jewellery, etc, all from her aunt. It was super fun to shoot her style, and she was fearlessly climbing all over creation, which lent for some truly bizarre photo compositions. It was fun popping out of the usual portrait box. I hope we can collaborate again in the near future!