Since Election night, things in NYC have really amped up politically. The sheer despair in the weeks between the election and Inauguration was palpable. It felt like a vacuum sucked the life out of the city. I remember vividly that the night before, I had been at a ZGRT concert in Bushwick and Zachery stood in front of the crowd and urged everyone to vote...or face the consequences of a President Trump routine. He was dead serious, unlike many other people in the city who smugly assumed Hillary had it in the bag. His words rang through my ear the next day, as I wandered around Green-Wood Cemetery, suddenly feeling a shift in the energy. Starting the night of 9 November, I've been very busy documenting political gatherings in the city, meeting incredible activists, artists and musicians, and generally having a blast.

I started photographing rallies over the summer, when my friend Andi and I marched several times with Black Lives Matter. I photographed a few of those over the course of a few months, so by November I had gotten familiar with the routines of city rally rules and what to look out for. I really enjoy going to ones that involve marching bands.

In late November, a rally was held outside of the Puck Building (owned by Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump) and I ended up meeting a bunch of amazing people who have since become friends and familiar sights at rallies. I was recruited a few weeks later to shoot photos for a political group called Rise and Resist, which has been a really enriching experience. Rise and Resist began as an offshoot of ACT UP, and has since grown to nearly 10K members. I've had amazing adventures on the street, met a celebrity or two, and become very familiar with the Venn diagram of activist circles in NYC. The same people show up to many of them, and it's become quite a funny little family.

If anything good has come out of this trainwreck of an administration, it's that I've had more encounters, opportunities and have become wrapped up in a very dynamic time. I really enjoy political rallies.